19 February 2013

Nancy is my grandma and Betty is Nancy's twin sister (hence the name of the now Nancy & Betty Studio stationery brand). They were featured in a Pears Soap advert in the Radio Times in 1938. I think they look so very beautiful.


Preparing to be Beautiful Ladies.
You can see that Betty and Nancy are twins, but actually they are more alike that the picture shows. No photograph can show the deep rich lights that shine equally in Betty's and Nancy's hair, nor how closely matched the sapphire blue of their eyes. You might look at Betty and say "Oh yes, I shall know Betty in the future - she has such a fair skin, fine skin." But when next you see Nancy you will realise that no skin could be fairer or finer than hers.

Perhaps, as the years pass thy will change in some ways, so that you will never confuse one from the other. But neither will ever lose her lovely complexion. Their mother is making sure of that. She knows how Pears has kept her own so fresh and youthful that it rivals theirs. It is with Pears, the pure soap, and clean water, that both Betty and Nancy are surely preparing to be beautiful ladies.



In a few days time, they will be 80 years old. 

04 September 2012

We've recently featured in British Vogue (September 2012) and had a letter from the Queen! We sent the Queen this card to congratulate her on her Diamond Jubilee, think we might frame this letter. 

Other news... we have a special offer on our notebooks - £2.45 until Monday 10th September. (usual price £3.95). New term, new notebooks.

Getting ready to launch some new goods at Top Drawer in a couple of weeks. 

02 August 2012

We ordered volume 3 & 4 of Kinfolk Magazine

"Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, no just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love. 
Every element of Kinfolk - the features, the photography, and the general aesthetics - are consistent with the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. Kinfolk is the marriage of our appreciation for art and design and our love for spending time with family and friends."

It's beautifully printed on thick paper and you can get lost in the world of Kinfolk.

Food styling by Nikole Herriott of Herriott Grace - the most beautiful woodwork you ever did see, all made by her father. I want to go and make something right now, especially out of wood.

Bottom photograph (of mountains in Norway) by Jonathon Torke

So August is going to be a bit of a break for us, taking life a bit slower and enjoying the weather (ha!), friends, family and good, simple food. Indulge yourself with our camping/cabin/tree house Pinterest board.

11 May 2012

We've been pinning away on Pinterest. It's getting a bit of an addiction! Come and see what we're up to. Follow us at: www.pinterest.com/nancyandbetty 

And if you're not sure what Pinterest is... Where have you been?! We first learnt about it from SFgirlbybay back in May 2010 but just watched quietly to see how it would emerge. It's a visual mood-board that you can share with others.

Hope you have a marvellous weekend. What are you doing?

24 April 2012

Today is National Stationery Day. We highly recommend this book (well, we are featured in it!) - but it is well worth a read. I HEART STATIONERY book by Charlotte Rivers, who also writes Lottie Loves

03 April 2012

Paul Smith has designed some stamps for the London 2012 Olympics / Isle of Man. Also available at Royal Mail. 

27 March 2012

This is a new take on decorating (neon dipped) blown or hard boiled eggs for Easter. See here for the full tutorial. Written for Oh Joy! by Courtney of Merriment.  

09 March 2012

Check out this most splendid home of Norwegian based ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen, which featured in Elle Decoration, Norway. Full post here

Photography by: Trine Thorsen and styling by Kirsten Visdal. Found via SF girl by bay.

05 March 2012

Aren't these birds just beautiful? They're made from recycled/unwanted wood. Made by Norwegian Lars Bellar Fjetland of Bellar. The packaging is rather splendid too.