19 February 2013

Nancy is my grandma and Betty is Nancy's twin sister (hence the name of the now Nancy & Betty Studio stationery brand). They were featured in a Pears Soap advert in the Radio Times in 1938. I think they look so very beautiful.


Preparing to be Beautiful Ladies.
You can see that Betty and Nancy are twins, but actually they are more alike that the picture shows. No photograph can show the deep rich lights that shine equally in Betty's and Nancy's hair, nor how closely matched the sapphire blue of their eyes. You might look at Betty and say "Oh yes, I shall know Betty in the future - she has such a fair skin, fine skin." But when next you see Nancy you will realise that no skin could be fairer or finer than hers.

Perhaps, as the years pass thy will change in some ways, so that you will never confuse one from the other. But neither will ever lose her lovely complexion. Their mother is making sure of that. She knows how Pears has kept her own so fresh and youthful that it rivals theirs. It is with Pears, the pure soap, and clean water, that both Betty and Nancy are surely preparing to be beautiful ladies.



In a few days time, they will be 80 years old.